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Domain Computers is a well known name for people looking to fix gadgets and buy electronic items

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Electronics Repair

From a keypad mobile phone to computers, we repair everything. We repair smartphones, desktop pc, laptops, tv monitors, speakers, etc

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Mobile Repair

Our department of mobile repair is provides service center level services. Get in touch with our executive to know more

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Laptop, Printers & Mobiles Deals

We sell all sort of laptops, printers, mobiles & other electronic items specially curated based on your demands.

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Using High Tech Equipments

We use highly advance equipments to detect faults before proceeding to repair any further. This allow us to check defects at chip level and successfully identify if found any. This hugely helps save time of both customer and our engineers.

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Electronics Available for Sale

We see an opportunity to use our expertise and suggest people products based on their need. We simply deliver the product in person at our store. If the product is not available at moments, worry not, we will still fulfill your order within days!

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More than 6000 people have loved our since and 30% of our customers are recurring

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